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Will consider bartering~ Let me know what you have available I am currently interested in a 14-16 ft bumper pull stock trailer, Riding Mower, Bobcat, Jacuzzi Spa, miniature livestock, Excellent quality hay/Alfalfa/Chaffhaye, Guns, jewelry, Cow/hog or lamb ready for processing (pick up animal already processed), Fancy Entrance Gate and 2 stone columns built
 may consider other items of value

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Welcome to my little piece of heaven in the East Tennessee Great Smokey Mountains. I have a small 5 acre farm with 4 generations now residing here and raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Livestock Guardian Dogs and Chickens. 

I am now going to share with you a little about my journey into dairy goats that started in 2009.  


I grew up obsessed with horses and began riding as a toddler and continued into my teen and most of my adult life.  As I was getting older I knew I couldn't afford to risk a major injury being a single mother so I began researching other animals that would be safer, to pour my passion into.  I also really wanted to have animals that "gave back" or at least contributed lol!  Dogs, Cats and Horses tend to be "takers" or at least animals that you pour a lot of money in but besides their awesome love and devotion~ don't give back...   So I began to look into chickens (the "gateway" animal to farms) and learned a lot about them~ Guineas, chickens, ducks geese,

I tried them and they are really messy animals.  I do have a flock of 20+ chickens that free-range and we do love them and their yummy eggs but not an animal I could really get excited about!  No offense to those that do I have a lot of good friends that are crazy over their birds!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a goat but really did not have a lot of knowledge about them~  I knew if would cost the same to raise an unregistered goat as a registered one so I wanted to make the right choice.  I also liked the idea of participating in production programs offered by the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association.  

So in 2009 I began researching the different breeds and uses (milk. meat, fiber) and found there were quite a few choices and their needs did vary.  For me the size of the Nigerian Dwarfs are very attractive, they are about a 3rd of the size of a standard breed (about the size of a Labrador Retriever) making them far easier to handle and house. They also require less feed, easy to transport (dog crates work great).  Nigerian Dwarfs tend to be hardier than large breeds, they are very inquisitive and friendly.  Their milk production quantity can be very respectable and the butterfat content is the highest out of all the breeds.  The higher the butterfat equates to the highest % of cheese produced out of the milk, in soap and lotions it will make them more emollient and full of vitamins.  

Although a fairly new breed (less than 20 yrs at the time) they have gained popularity quickly and now account for the highest portion of registrations each year in the American Dairy Goat Association. They also generally have the largest percentage of entries at shows and many times provide the income to support the less popular (but still awesome) breeds and are in high demand throughout the country.

My background is in sales and marketing and so I can't help but evaluate everything I venture into through those lens~ including hobbies.  I tend to look for how my interests can hopefully at least support my investment or better yet make a profit.  I also had become interested in homesteading growing my own food sources particularly due to concerns of the sources and safety of the food supply in our Country.  

The bottoming out of the economy was also eye opening and I was realizing that most of my resources were in the hands of the big corporation I worked for.   They could decide at anytime to remove my department or make drastic changes that would affect my finances.  I really felt that I needed to have more control over my income and future.  A side note~ raising livestock also does have attractive tax advantages and many more benefits than the past crazes of emu or alpaca raising.   They tend to produce twins and triplets but sometimes a single or quads and can have as many as 7 offspring (I have only known of 2 sets of 7 so it is unusual) .   The gestation is 5 months or avg for NDs is 145 days, we aim to bred once a year sometimes a little sooner but not more than 3 births in 2 years.  

The length in lactation is not as long as a cow but goat milk production does respond to demand, if you milk twice a day you will get more production but you can reduce your frequency to once a day and not lose half the production~ works out to about 75%.   Bloodlines and conformation will play a huge part into actual production.  It was very important to me to obtain lines that had a long solid history of high milk production so that I could build on to the consistency already established.  There are flukes but odds are much higher in your favor if you are working with proven lines.   Using the best bucks I could find was most important to me as well~ A buck will have a huge impact on your herd and the quickest way to improve your herd.  A great doe will only produce offspring once a year yet a great buck can produce all your offspring in a year.

  I continued to work full time as I built up my herd and knowledge and after 10 years I now work from the farm full time.

Although it is rewarding to see the fruits of your labor, it is also alot of hard work, long hours, sweat and tears (of both happiness and sadness).  tends to .  I explore I tend to look at the business angle It does cost the same to raise and feed unregistered goats as it would to have registered goats and being in high demand I knew I would have a good return on my investment.   I would have an opportunity to contribute to the improvement to the breed standard, participate in sanctioned shows and educate people in the area of this wonderful breed!   Goats I learned are herd animals and were not happy being alone.  They really require at least one other goat or they will be very unhappy alone~ and can even die!  That of course was enough justification to start a little herd! 

Finding quality breeding stock turned out to be more difficult/impossible to find locally.  Being in the country there are always goats but most in my area were Pygmies, Fainters or just mixed breeds.  Between the internet and talking to many breeders I was able to track down lots of lovely animals from throughout the US.  My herd name was chosen to honor God who has led me on this journey Dancing with my Father God in Fields of Grace has always been a favorite (by Big Daddy Weave). Everything seemed meant to be and easily fell into place, leading me to believe this endeavor was meant to be!   Some were flown in, ground transported as well as some really fun memorable trips were made to go get them.  I began with 3 and before I knew it I had a fairly large herd of beautiful goats with extremely impressive bloodlines!  

Over the years I have learned so much~he biggest discovery was this is a never ending learning experience!   I have raised many different kinds of animals, goats truly have a great learning curve.  I seek to go as natural as possible in feeding and caring for them boosting their immunity and keeping their rumen happy..  After all we are consuming the milk we produce and what goes in them will also go in us as well...  A healthy diet goes along way to keep their immune system and rumen healthy.  I prefer not to use standard medicine using herbs and minerals but have an ample supply of medications and supplies if necessary.  


It is really rewarding to watch my herd transform as I find which lines really work well together for me.   Every breeder sooner or later will begin to develop their own personal style of the breed and your "lines" begin to emerge.   You start to see a consistency in your offspring both in looks and production.  I have concentrated on and love the beautiful elegant body style of a true miniature dairy goat.  But even more important is to have strong hardy lines~  There will be many variables including your climate, their diet and the parasite issues in your area that will come into play.  They all can have an effect on what your milk production and herd's health will be. To me if you don't have healthy stock you are not going to have success in any other area of raising goats.   

I love to attend goat shows and regularly travel to shows in the southeast.  The furthest we have gone was to Missouri for a 6 ring buck show!  Its a lot of work but also fun seeing many of my breeder friends as well as my clients who are now hooked.  It is fun for all ages and many families participate.  I am working on getting my grandsons interested too!  

Linear Appraisal has truly taught me so much as far as conformation and always encourage others to attend as many sessions as possible.  It is a yearly event where an ADGA appraiser comes to your farm and gives every eligible animal a score based on the perfect goat being a 100.  No animals have ever scored that high in fact I believe only a few Nigerian Dwarfs have ever scored a 93  I have have participated 5 years and have learned so much each session.  I do welcome others to attend (and help lol) with pictures and notes. 

For many years I have planned on being on the DHIA (milk testing) and biting the bullet this year.  I have always milked my does whether dam raising or bottle feeding (I do both depending on my schedule) but the paperwork and mailing in samples to the lab for testing has discouraged me.   We love Nigerian Dwarf milk it is the best tasting of all dairy breeds and also has the highest butterfat which will yield more cheese!  We have also been dabbling in soap and lotion making and love all the opportunities to be able to incorporate goat milk.

We have an awesome buck herd (I am a self admitted buck hoarder) I really believe I have owned some of the best in the nation (if not I will either have them in my semen tank or have a father, son or will be sure to add him if he becomes available!!!  Having such a large herd of bucks allows us to put together very nice unrelated starter herds.   We don't offer stud service but do occasionally lease a buck out to herds that participates in milk test.  Having my boys proven by their daughters is important to me and I do offer discounts to herds that are on milk test as well as credits towards future purchases on animals that earn Champion status or does that earn milk stars.

 Nigerian Dwarfs have the ability to freshen year round I usually plan 4-5 does to kid each month.  This allows us to have does in milk and kids available through out the year.   This is an excellent time to put together a starter herd together or just add some really great bloodlines!

We generally have transport opportunities available but we always welcome you to pick them up here and meet their family.  We will be attending as many shows as possible this spring and fall (free delivery) and look forward to meeting you there (I will post a show schedule soon).  I hope you will check back often to see the new arrivals and don't forget the sale page!

 ***** UPDATES*****

We test our herd yearly for CAE and have never had a positive result.  Any lumps or bumps are quickly biopsied by our vet (no CL positives) and any deaths are neocropsied to allow me that there is nothing going on in our herd that shouldn't be.  It also helps me make decisions in management to improve our herd.  I am more than willing to test any animal for anything else a buyer desires, at the buyers expense ifa the test ever should a positive to any test I would reimburse the test expenses.  This has never happened but I will always do my best to be fair and honest about my animals and business dealings.

2018 ADGA Shows

~Legendary Goat Breeders First Annual 4 Ring Spring Show
Winston Salem, NC

~Smoky Mtn Dairy Goat Show May 19 2018

Knoxville TN

~South Eastern Spring Fling Dairy Goat Show  May 26 & 27 2018
Lebanon TN
~Evan Evans Spring Spectacular June 1-3 2018

Shelby NC

Classes for 2018 ~ Through the Spring we are offering private classes do to goat shows

Contact me on availability classes fill up fast!  We will be listing group class dates as they are set

~Goat Husbandry (for beginners and those considering goat ownership)

~Advanced Goat ownership (medications/wormers/kidding/home milking)

~Performance Programs (Milking, DHIR, Appraisal and Show) Where to start and what to expect

2016 Spring Show Schedule  (Highlights wins listed)

Carrolton Classic Carrolton GA April 21 & 22nd:

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy won CH Challenge/ Best of Breed ring 1 & 2, Buttin' Heads Stapal Gun was 1st in ring 1 & 3rd ring 2, 

SMDGA Spring Show Knoxville TN May 21st

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy CH Challenge /Best in Breed ring one and CH Challenge /Best in Breed/Best Buck In Show ring 2!

Evin Evans Annual Spring Show Shelby NC  June 2nd-4th

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy CH Challenge/Best of Breed ring 1

Fields Of Grace Hondo Grand Champion /Best of Breed ring 4

Fentress County Fair Jamestown  Aug 13

Fields of Grace Chocolatta 1st in age group juniors

Aged does Jasper Pines A Star is Born 1st J-Nels GP Kandi Kane 2nd

Olson Acres BBS Princess Fiona Res Grand in Senior does

Carrollton Fundraiser  Sept 2-4 

Olson Acres BBS Princess Fiona JR Grand Champion (dry leg)

Jasper Pines A Star Is Born 3 Xs 1st, 2xs Senior Res Grand Champion

Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun 3 xs 1st, 2xs Reserve Grand Champion Buck

Fields of Grace American Made 4 xs 1st

Alethia ET Digeridoo 2xs 1st

2017 Highlights

Bang For Your Buck New Years Bash Dec 31/Jan1 Carrollton GA

Fields of Grace American Made 2 X1st, 1 X Res Grand Champion (Greg Murphy), Wooly Dog Down Free ASA Breeze 1 X 1st 2x 2nd, Alethia Farm ET Digeridoo 1 X1st, 2X 2nd, Fields of Grace Snowball 2xs 1st, 2xs 2nd, Wooly Dog Down Gem Legacy 4xs 1st 1 x Res Grand Champion (Karen Smit

SMDG Knoville Spring Show May 20 2017 Fields of Grace Ember's Fire 3xs 1 place Senior kid, 2 xs Res Grand Jr doe, 1 X Grand CH Jr Doe and Best in Show, Fields of Grace SG Looney Tunes 1x 1st dry yearling, Fields of Grace CB Charleston 1st 2xs, 1x 2nd,  Fields of Grace American Made 2x 1st place 1X Reserve Grand CH Buck, CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy Best of Breed/Champion Challange under Jean Lucas

ADGA Convention Fundraiser Carrollton GA Aug 12/13 2017  Fields of Grace CB Sheeba was 1st place 2x, 2nd 2x Grand Champion ring 2, Fields of Grace CB Happy Tunes was 2nd 2xs, 3rd 2 xs, Fields of Grace Snowball was 1st place 3x 2nd 1x Grand Champion in Ring 1 and 3 where he also went Best Buck in Show.  Fields of Grace American Made was 1st 1x, 2nd 2xs, 3 x 1, Fields of Grace Joseph was 2nd 2xs, Chenango Hills Lunas Brigidier 2xs 1st, 2xs 2nd Reserve Grand Champion in ring 2 and 4,

TN Valley Fair Sept 16 & 17 2017

The only 2 senior does I took Flat Rocks China Doll & The On Firestone Creek A-Kae-A were 2nd in their classes (behind finished Champions).  Fields of Grace PT Fancy Free, Fields of Grace FL Madonna (also Res Grand Champion Jr Doe) and Fields of Grace FL Chocolotta were 1st in their classes.  Fields of Grace FL Frosted Latte, Gypsy Moon SM Zi'an and Fields of Grace CB Happy Tunes were 2nd in their classes.  We had 1st place Get of Sire (J-Nels GP Freelance) and 2nd place Best 3 Juniors judge was Lynn Benedict

I canceled all of our spring shows after my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly in May and we only attended 1 show in 2018
TN Valley Fair Sept 22 & 23, 2018
Only took 5 junior does and was very pleased and surprised that my girls did so well with very stiff competition (3 herds that did well at 2018 ADGA Nationals)
Fields of Grace PT Carmel Kandy was Grand Champion Jr doe and 1st in her class of Sr Yearlings, Fields of Grace African American was 1st in her class Senior Kids.  
My grandson Cypress was excited to have Reserve Grand Champion Senior Toggenburg in his first show with Lemon! 

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